Néda is a Contemporary Designer Boutique for women. The website and the store is a labor of love by proprietor and namesake Ms. Néda Meier-Zebrowski. Néda (nay-da) originates as a Persian name with the meaning "Message" or Spiritual Message.

Our message is to enhance your beauty in a way that uplifts your spirit. We believe that when you tap into your own beauty, you also tap into your soul. We want to help you do this by providing unique and beautiful items to adorn yourself in.

Our designers are also an integral part of this message. They are creating works of beauty to share with you. This "cycle of beauty and spirit" wouldn't exist with out our wonderful designers! We feature local and emerging designers, ones that you can't find everywhere.

We hope that you find something different and special, something that you think is beautiful. Something that brings out your own beauty. Something that uplifts your spirit. Something that makes you feel good every time you wear it.

The object is to contribute to your beautiful unique self, and since one of the ways you express that is in what you wear, Néda is here to help you do that!

photos by Hideyuki Ikeura